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Our Process

Babb McGrew is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence; and we will reflect those attributes throughout every phase of the search process.  When you engage us for Retained Executive Search, one of our senior consultants will handle every aspect of the search assignment - start to finish.  


Define Assignment – Superior client service begins with clear and concise communication. Your Babb McGrew consultant will meet with key stakeholders on your team to develop a thorough understanding of your organization and culture, your business needs, the position to be filled, and candidate qualifications.  We regard everything you tell us as confidential; you stipulate what information can be shared and when.


Develop Strategy – We will develop a customized search strategy specific to your needs as defined in the Assignment Meeting.  Our understanding of the assignment along with our strategy for execution will be reflected in a Letter of Engagement for your review and approval.


Conduct Original Research – Babb McGrew will conduct original targeted research specific to the requirements of each assignment.  No tired databases; and no desperate candidates.  Our commitment is first and foremost to you - the client.  We are passionate about finding and securing the top talent you need for your business to succeed.


Identify & Recruit Candidates – We have all the tools and resources required to identify qualified prospects.  More importantly, we have the industry knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to engage the best talent – often not active job seekers – in the process. 


Screen & Select Candidates – Candidates will be thoroughly screened and qualified through a series of interviews with Babb McGrew consultants.  Importantly, throughout the entire process your consultant is carefully assessing each candidate for engagement, fit, motivation, expectations, and readiness - in addition to the skills and attributes defined in the letter of understanding. 


Ongoing Communication – Throughout the process your consultant will communicate with you on a regular basis to provide status updates, candidate feedback, and other relevant market intelligence.


Candidate Presentation – We will provide comprehensive write-ups for each candidate presented as part of a panel.  We understand the value of your time; and you can be assured that each candidate presented has been fully vetted and found to be qualified, motivated, and ready.


Reference Checks – Once you have selected a candidate Babb McGrew will conduct reference checks and provide a written summary of our findings.


Process Facilitation – Your Babb McGrew consultant will play a critical role in bringing closure to your executive search project.  The stakes are high and the consequences of failure are significant.  We will proactively serve as a trusted intermediary in communication and negotiation with the candidate you select.  We will also advise the successful candidate regarding their resignation; and prepare them for the possibility of counter-offers.


Our Guarantee – We stand behind our work.  We will represent you professionally in the marketplace, and work to enhance your employment brand in every phase of our work.  Candidates that we present to you will remain exclusive to your search project until your position is filled.